Cardax is developing a platform of proprietary, exceptionally safe, small molecule compounds for large unmet medical needs where oxidative stress and inflammation play key causative roles.

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring compound proven to reduce inflammation without the harmful side effects that are common among anti-inflammatory products (steroids and NSAIDs).

Cardax oral anti-inflammatory products address underserved multi-billion dollar chronic disease markets including osteoarthritis, cognitive decline, and metabolic syndrome.


About Cardax

Cardax is focusing first on developing products utilizing astaxanthin, a naturally occurring compound demonstrated to reduce inflammation, at its source, without the harmful side effects of current anti-inflammatory treatments (e.g. steroids and NSAIDs).

Astaxanthin use is supported by hundreds of peer-reviewed papers published in leading medical research journals. More than 40 human clinical trials supporting the safety and efficacy of astaxanthin have been conducted to date. As the broader scientific community has discovered the health benefits of astaxanthin, awareness and demand for astaxanthin has grown dramatically.

In 2006, Cardax and BASF entered into a Joint Development and Supply Agreement related to the development of a proprietary and scalable process to cost-effectively manufacture a competitively differentiated, pharmaceutical-grade, nature-identical, astaxanthin with a defined molecular structure (“ASTX-1″), which will provide an efficient and economical path to mass markets not available to low volume agricultural astaxanthin producers.

BASF has exclusively licensed rights from Cardax to develop and commercialize ASTX-1 as an intermediate/ingredient in nutraceutical products (“BASF Astaxanthin Products”), and will pay Cardax royalties on future nutraceutical sales of BASF Astaxanthin Products. Human clinical trials are not required for nutraceutical product approvals.

Cardax retains the exclusive rights to use ASTX-1 as an intermediate/ingredient in pharmaceutical products (“Cardax Astaxanthin”). Cardax plans to develop Cardax Astaxanthin for pharmaceutical use as an over-the-counter and/or prescription drug, targeting conditions where inflammation and oxidative stress are strongly implicated.

Our patents protect compositions of matter, pharmaceutical compositions, and pharmaceutical uses of astaxanthin and related products in key disease areas.

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