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Setting the record straight about ZanthoSyn®

By | Management Insights
False and baseless assertions about our dietary supplement ZanthoSyn® have recently been in the news, so we want to set the record straight about its anti-inflammatory health benefits, safety, and regulatory status.  Promoting the health and well-being of our consumers is and always will be our paramount focus at Cardax.  It is in this spirit that we wanted to share with you the following information about this pure and highly absorbed form of astaxanthin that is recommended by healthcare professionals for inflammatory health and longevity.* ZanthoSyn® is supported by more than 1,500 peer reviewed papers and 50 proof-of-concept human clinical...
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Cardax’s Proprietary Astaxanthin Prodrug (CDX-085) Accumulates in Liver, Reduces Elevated Liver Enzymes, and Attenuates Pathohistological Alterations in a Model of Alcohol-Induced Hepatic Stress

By | Science
In collaboration with Dr. Steven Weinman, M.D., Ph.D. (Director of the Liver Center at University of Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas), Cardax evaluated the capacity for a proprietary astaxanthin (ASTX) prodrug (CDX-085) to ameliorate oxidative stress-induced hepatic dysfunction in an animal model of disease. In unstressed mice, an 11-day oral administration of 500mg/kg of CDX-085 to mice delivered high levels of ASTX to plasma and liver and importantly liver mitochondria. Eight weeks of CDX-085 treatment (500mg/kg in chow) significantly reduced systemic oxidative stress in vivo measured as diminished MDA levels (TBAR assay, p=0.005).  To further evaluate ASTX influence on disease states,...
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