Commercialization Overview

We believe we are well positioned for significant and sustained growth by developing and commercializing safe anti-inflammatory dietary supplements and drugs that address large unmet needs.

The global astaxanthin human consumer health market is growing rapidly as awareness increases. We intend to pursue development of astaxanthin as a dietary supplement, over-the-counter drug, and/or prescription drug.

We recently launched our first commercial product, ZanthoSyn®, a safe anti-inflammatory for general health. ZanthoSyn® is a novel astaxanthin dietary supplement with superior absorption and purity, and is available through our commercial website,

Commercialization Strategy

We plan to promote scientific understanding of astaxanthin through several strategies, including:

  • Sponsoring relevant scientific and medical conferences and presenting or facilitating the presentation of appropriate scientific data to the thousands of physicians and key opinion leaders and the patient groups who typically attend these conferences;
  • Advancing direct-to-consumer internet and social media marketing;
  • Continuing to support scientific research and publication of peer-reviewed papers. We have collaborated on more than 50 such papers, including ten papers published in The American Journal of Cardiology, which have noted the benefits and safety of astaxanthin in the treatment of diseases that have inflammation as a common cause;
  • Convening scientific advisory board meetings to review existing and planned scientific research; and
  • Conducting human clinical trials.

While clinical trials are not required for dietary supplements, and under applicable FDA regulations we are not permitted to make claims for treatment of diseases for any dietary supplements, we believe that positive results from a Phase I human clinical trial and a suite of approximately three to five Phase II human clinical trials in selected areas would significantly raise scientific and consumer awareness that would promote consumer health sales and advance our pharmaceutical development program. The clinical path would be designed to demonstrate safety and efficacy as early and efficiently as possible in areas where inflammation is strongly implicated.

This strategy offers more than one potential avenue of development and mitigates the risks, including “binary events,” associated with single indication development.