Cardax is developing a platform of proprietary, exceptionally safe, small molecule compounds for large unmet medical needs where oxidative stress and inflammation play key causative roles.


Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring compound proven to reduce inflammation without the harmful side effects that are common among anti-inflammatory products (steroids and NSAIDs).


Cardax oral anti-inflammatory products targets underserved multi-billion dollar chronic disease markets with an initial focus on cardiovascular disease.

About Cardax (OTCQB: CDXI)

Cardax is a development stage biopharmaceutical company primarily focused on the development of pharmaceuticals for chronic diseases driven by inflammation. CDX-101, our astaxanthin pharmaceutical candidate, is being developed for cardiovascular inflammation and dyslipidemia, with a target initial indication of severe hypertriglyceridemia. CDX-301, our zeaxanthin pharmaceutical candidate, is being developed for macular degeneration, with a target initial indication of Stargardt disease. Our pharmaceutical candidates are currently in pre-clinical development, including the planning of IND enabling studies.

We also have a commercial business unit that markets ZanthoSyn®, a novel astaxanthin dietary supplement with superior absorption and purity. ZanthoSyn® is available through Cardax’s commercial website,

Astaxanthin use is supported by hundreds of peer-reviewed papers published in leading medical research journals. More than 50 human clinical trials supporting the safety and efficacy of astaxanthin have been conducted to date. As the broader scientific community has discovered the health benefits of astaxanthin, awareness and demand for astaxanthin has grown dramatically.