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Cardax’s Proprietary Astaxanthin Prodrug (CDX-085) Accumulates in Liver, Reduces Elevated Liver Enzymes, and Attenuates Pathohistological Alterations in a Model of Alcohol-Induced Hepatic Stress

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In collaboration with Dr. Steven Weinman, M.D., Ph.D. (Director of the Liver Center at University of Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas), Cardax evaluated the capacity for a proprietary astaxanthin (ASTX) prodrug (CDX-085) to ameliorate oxidative stress-induced hepatic dysfunction in an animal model of disease. In unstressed mice, an 11-day oral administration of 500mg/kg of CDX-085 to mice delivered high levels of ASTX to plasma and liver and importantly liver mitochondria. Eight weeks of CDX-085 treatment (500mg/kg in chow) significantly reduced systemic oxidative stress in vivo measured as diminished MDA levels (TBAR assay, p=0.005).  To further evaluate ASTX influence on disease states,...
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